Discover Ethiopian Roots is not just a traveling agency and not just a root searching service. Margeret provides families with adopted children from Ethiopia with everything they need to make their journey unforgettable and enjoyable. She understands the particular needs of adoptive families. She will help to connect to the country and to make a positive experience for children and their parents. She works with guides who speak English and/or German. She makes families feel safe and at home in the country of origin of their children. She offers excellent services for root searching with honest and straight communication and regular reporting on the progress – as well as failure – and she is persevering in her research. We highly recommend her – for any trip to Ethiopia and for root searching as well.”

“Please ask Margeret for our contact. We will be happy to share more information via e-mail.”

Claudine and Stefan, Switzerland


“We enjoyed the trip very much. All was very well organized and showed us very interesting places of Ethiopia. We were very satisfied.“

Agnes Glutz, Switzerland


As our adopted daughter turned 12, we wanted to discover her roots and I gathered three families with the same issue. My first and best contact was Margaret and her organisation of Discover Ethiopian Roots. She helped us in a very professional and yet very personal way to organise our journey. As Margaret has lived herself in different cultures, she has a deep sense of understanding of our needs and challenges. We enjoyed a journey back to the roots of our daughter but also discovering a wonderful and beautiful country at the same time.

It touched us so much, that we did a second journey of 3 weeks with another family five years later. Both journeys have helped us to get a better understanding of the culture and roots of our daughter as well as having a very positive impact on our family live, which we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We can truly recommend Margaret and her professional service.

Markus Fluckiger, Switzerland


“Together with our two sons we made a wonderful trip through Ethiopia in 2018. The trip was planned and executed by Margeret Woldetensae’s agency. It took us from Addis Ababa to Lake Tana and Gondar and then south to Hawassa. Our tour guide Belete and our driver Habtamu accompanied us in a very friendly, competent and flexible manner. We have gathered unforgettable impressions of this beautiful country. Thank you!”

Family Janett Spiekermann, Baden, Switzerland


We used Margeret’s root searching service and are very satisfied.

Although it was very difficult to find the biological mother of our son, Margeret was successful thanks to her untiring and purposeful work and her connections.

After the mother was found, she interviewed her very perceptively. She received answers to important questions from our son. At the same time she was able to comfort and support his mother.

Now she keeps in touch with her and gives her emotional support. We are very grateful and happy about it.

We cannot plan a trip to Ethiopia in the near future but we will continue to use Margaret’s services.

Yvonne Forster Bernhard und Heinz Bernhard