About Us

We have been reuniting loved ones in Ethiopia, and spreading joy in the lives of many people across the world. In order to create the best customer experiences, we constantly improve our services for providing quick, unique and consistent customer support, largely based on our customers’ feedback and as new technologies become available.


Our Mission


Discover Ethiopian Roots was founded with the sole intention of creating reunion registry where mutually consenting loved ones can reunite seamlessly without spending huge amounts on investigators. We believe that people who are mutually searching for each other should not be denied a chance to reunite due to barriers.

Below is very important helpful information:

Who are you trying to find?

  • The gender of the adopted person?
  • The birth year of the adopted person?
  • The birth month of the adopted person?
  • The birth date of the adopted person?
  • In which country did the adoption take place?
  • When did the adoption take place?

When sending request, please include in your personal message the names of people and places you know that are relevant to your search such as city, hospital, doctor, agency, family, or other information.


Root Searching Process


Root searching service is a long process that needs patience and perseverance, so there is no absolute guarantee for success.


Who We Are – The Team


 Margeret Woldetensae

Founder and CEO of Discover Ethiopian Roots

Margeret is an Ethiopian, mother of two adult sons, and had been living aboard for several years. She has many years of experience both as traveling agent and with providing root searching services (family tracing and reunion services).


Tsegaye Kumel

Tsegaye is an expert driver & tour guide with years of experience.